Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some Things I Love About You - And You Know Who You Are

You make me laugh until my sides hurt
You have a smile that makes your eyes sparkle
You always give me a hug goodbye
You can finish my thoughts
You drop everything to be there when I need you
You listen to my doubts
You calm my irrational fears
You think that I am funny
You go to movies that you don’t want to see because I want to see them
You love my son
You ask for my advice
You take my advice to heart
You like my brother in spite of what he has done
You give me moral support
You can’t stand D’s dad just on principle
You include me in your family things since mine aren’t here
You baby sit for free
You like my surprises
You haven’t taken down that AWFUL photo of you on my fridge because I think it is funny
You adore animals
You are saving yourself for marriage
You brought me back to Jesus
You laugh when people think that we are more than friends
You think it is funny when I call you Sasquatch
You are so tall you can reach things in the upper cabinets for me
You do the best rendition of “Without Me” by Eminem EVER done at karaoke
You don’t want to move because of our friendship
You know that if you move we will still be friends
You are great at Improv
You won’t forget me when you make it big
You listen to my fashion advice
You show me parts of yourself that you hide from others
You like to eat my cooking
You care about other people’s feelings
You have shown me how to be silly
You are dedicated to “Girls Night”
You like cheesy reality T.V.
You aren’t afraid to cry
You let me cry too
You always encourage me
You love how excited I get when I plan things
You let me plan things
You like my rendition of “More Than Words” at karaoke
You don’t get jealous of my other friends
You love game nights
You take D shopping to buy my Christmas presents so that I can be surprised
You love my family
You are a massage whore
You like to go shopping with me
You didn’t believe in having a best friend – until you met me.


Anonymous said...

Rach, I am commenting anonymously so as to preserve the mystery. :)
I can't tell you how much this post means to me. I absolutely love it, and it totally made my day! Love you, chica!

Chris said...

Is it me?