Monday, July 09, 2007

This summer is going by so incredibly fast. It seems that I am busier this summer than I can remember for a very long time.

Friday I went with Devon, Funny Girl & Aria to see Evan Almighty. It was pretty good.

Then Saturday I had two birthday parties to go to. One was for Ami's 10th birthday. She came down from Nova Scotia last weekend (I went with her mom Ann to Toronto to pick her up) and this was the first time that Devon saw her and they got along really well.

Then I left that party and went to an adult birthday party. I think I was just about the only sober person there except for the kids that were playing downstairs.

One woman was there that was just plastered. Running into walls and stumbling everywhere. I haven't ever understood why people think that it is fun to get that drunk. Tipsy is fun, but drunk like that just makes you look pathetic.

Sunday, Devon and I went swimming for an hour and then went over to Rico & Don't house for Sunday dinner. It was a rude awakening when I found out that 2 ozs of spaghetti was 240 calories. My spaghetti alone was 11 points. I did get away relatively low with the garlic bread that I made. I used a whole wheat english muffin, butter spray and garlic salt and made my own. It was really tasty and only 1 point (for both halves) instead of 5 points for 1 slice of regular garlic bread.

I actually gained 2 lbs. last week but since it was that time of the month I didn't beat myself up about it.

Today when I put on a pair of pants that I hadn't worn since I started WW I was pleased to notice that they were w bit looser than the last time that I wore them.

How is everyone else enjoying their summer?


Sizzle said...

you are right- this summer is flying by. how is it almost mid- july!? i have too much fun in the sun to do, work keeps getting in my way.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't using a mosturizing deoderant kind of negate the purpose?

Tara said...

I love loose clothing. It's so satisfying, isn't it? Especially when you've been doing so well with your diet!

So far summer is pretty nice. Next Thursday I'll be going on my vacation to Canada! Yay!

evil-e said...

It is almost halfway gone already, oh well....make the best of it. It is amazing how much work eats summer up.

You are starting to show some good restraint when it comes to food you like, this is a huge step.

David in DC said...

I love the title of this post.

Great sticktuitiveness on the diet. Good for you! :)

Churlita said...

You're doing so well with the Weight Watchers thing. You have such great will power. I bet you look fabulous by Fall.

Wanderlusting said...

Summer JUST started here - after months of rain and below normal temps, it is finally hot.

Of course, it is officially TOO hot today and I am dying here...and it's supposed to be like this for quite awhile.

Unfortunately because summer had a late start, it already is half over. I haven't enjoyed it as I should. I even forgot I have a pool on the roof! Oooh that would be niiiiice.

You should do a blog post on how best to get the most outta summer - i feel so out of it since im at work 9-5. But tonight I am having a picnic on the beach so thats a good start :)

Babybull40 said...

we are struggling with the heat/humidity and haven't done a whole lot yet.. But we will get to the beach eventually and I have a big Pig Roast in over a weeks time for possibly camping overnight.. sans baby and hubby... with a friend/neighbour(not Drama Queen)

as for the time of month.. it's inevitable that we suffer for a few days.. I gain about 5 lbs.. so no need to feel bad...

M said...

I'm feeling the same way about our winter actually. we don't get much cold weather so when we do get it, I actually really enjoy savoring it, but it's going by so fast!