Monday, January 14, 2008

Chuffage ~ A Tale of Two Stomachs

Sunday dinner is a big thing at my house. My room mate makes a big dinner and invites lots of people over.

Last night was "Soul Food Sunday". Fried chicken, greens, mac & cheese, cornbread and a salad. I started out great with about 1/2 cup mac & cheese, a huge salad, 1 small piece of cornbread and 1 piece of boneless skinless chicken that had been breaded and fried.

I ate my meal and was pleasantly full. I didn't want anything else.

About an hour later I went into the kitchen and everything still looked so good, I made myself another place with more mac & cheese, another piece of chicken and 2 pieces of cornbread.

I basically inhaled it and within 2 minutes of eating everything I had shooting pains in my stomach and major cramping. I haven't felt that way ever. I was on the couch doubled over in pain. I went to the bathroom and most of what I had eaten came back up.

It was just too much for my body and my smaller stomach to handle.

Before WW I could have eaten that and gone back for dessert.

I did track everything and before the chuffage, my dinner came to 38 points. After the chuffage I took back half of the weeklies that I had used (11 out of 22).

I definitely learned my lesson last night.


Tara said...

Kind of like your stomach was keeping you on track, but not in a pleasant way, right? That meal with the cornbread and the chicken and stuff sounds really good.

ANON1 said...

Everything in moderation...One cheat day is not bad!

Churlita said...

That would be so hard. I guess your body knows better now what it wants and what it doesn't.