Friday, January 30, 2009

Bridge Over Troubled Weight Loss

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows that I am a fattie. No matter what I weigh, I will always be a fattie inside even if I am not a fattie outside. The demons will always be screaming to get out. The cheeseburgers will always be shouting my name.

Sometimes the demons and cheeseburgers whisper and I can tune it out and focus on more important things. Other times they are screaming so loud that it is all I can do to make it to the drive-thru fast enough and only order one.

The demons have been getting louder lately. It seems that with the slower my weight loss goes, the louder they get. The more frustrated and discouraged I get.

Over the holidays I had a rough couple of weeks. I didn't get completely out of control, but I went over my points two weeks in a row by about 20. I still tracked everything and when I saw that 3 pound gain on the scale, I accepted it and got back on track.

What drives me crazy is that I will lose weight and then gain most of it back. Back and forth. What used to be a pretty consistent downward trend has turned into a battle royale. I am going to post my numbers so that you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

1/28/2009 167.4 lbs +2.6 lbs - 119.6 lbs
1/21/2009 164.8 lbs - 4.0 lbs - 122.2 lbs
1/14/2009 168.8 lbs - 1.8 lbs - 118.2 lbs
1/7/2009 170.6 lbs + 3.0 lbs - 116.4 lbs
1/2/2009 167.6 lbs - 1.0 lbs - 119.4 lbs
12/24/2008 168.6 lbs - 0.8 lbs - 118.4 lbs
12/17/2008 169.4 lbs - 5.4 lbs - 117.6 lbs
12/10/2008 174.8 lbs + 0.6 lbs - 112.2 lbs
12/3/2008 174.2 lbs + 2.0 lbs - 112.8 lbs
11/26/2008 172.2 lbs -- - 114.8 lbs
11/19/2008 172.2 lbs + 0.4 lbs - 114.8 lbs
11/12/2008 171.8 lbs + 0.8 lbs - 115.2 lbs
11/5/2008 171.0 lbs - 3.6 lbs - 116.0 lbs

As you can see by the ups and downs I have lost a total of 3.6 pounds in 3 months. It is very frustrating when before I averaged about a 7 pound weight loss per month. Now I am averaging 1.2 pounds per month. Part of it could be that it is winter and my workouts have tapered a bit, Christmas certainly didn't help and I am starting to wonder if the new birth control that I am on is hindering my weight loss too.

Whatever the reasons, it is frustrating to see such a significant drop in weight loss. It isn't so easy anymore. It is probably my body's way of making me humble. Here I thought that it wasn't all that hard to lose weight and now karma has come back and bitchslapped me in the face.

Don't worry, I have no plans to quit and gain back the weight that I have lost and if it takes a year to lose that last 15-20 pounds, by god I will be clawing tooth and bloody nail to reach my goal.

I guess nothing really worth having comes THAT easy. Unfortunately.


Churlita said...

I think that's how it goes. When you are heavier, it comes off easily. Once you get closer to your ideal weight, it gets harder and harder.

I think if you make it a lifestyle change, you'll stay at a healthy weight and a few pounds here or there won't be that big of a deal.

laura b. said...

Still and all, you should feel great about continuing to loose weight, even though it seems slow now to you. Heck, feel good if you maintain for a bit. You have lost so much! Woo hoo, Rachel!!!!

Lindsay said...

Your attitude is just where it should be! You are frustrated but not willing to give up. I love it! That is what makes this program so successful. That is what makes this a reality!

You are not alone. I'm struggling to. I guess there is where it gets "real" and this is why those on maintenance having trouble too. Keep with it! :)

alice said...

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Wanderlusting said...

I hear ya. I'm on a smaller scale than you but I am still trying to achieve the same thing as you.

It's hard because we want things right away - I know I do. I know if I keep doing what I am doing, eventually SLOWLY I will get there but I have no patience and need results now.

You deserve a big congrats to have gotten so far AND to only put on 3 pounds over Xmas. I put on 5 and I had already gained 5 before that.

Churlita is right, you are close to target weight so it gets harder. Just keep with it and mix it up a bit with your workouts. They say variety can help push you past your hump.

Keep going, you are inspiring me! Next time I grumble about not being allowed to eat much and having to go to spin class (that was me a few hours ago!) I will think of you!

Anonymous said...

You need to change your routine up. If you are only doing cardio, lift weights. The added muscle will burn calories and help you lose the bad weight.

I lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks by doing strictly cardio and protein shakes. I have since gained back 26 lbs by eating solid foods and lifting heavily.

It's easy to control your body weight once you have some muscle built up.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I have had weight issues over the last 16 years .. and I always lose momentum and gain most of it back.. It didnd't help me having a baby in my older years and its harder to lose it.. even if I could lose 10 lbs I would feel better about things.. its a tough road and you have suceeded in more ways than you realize.. Keep up the positive attitude and don't ever let that burger get you down..