Monday, November 26, 2007

My Brilliance On Display

Friday was a very busy day for me. I was up at 5:30 and out of the house at 5:40 to arrive at Target right when they opened at 6:00 to get some of the early bird specials. I got the items that I went out there to get and continued shopping until around 11:30.
I got home and tried to rest, but couldn’t relax enough so I got up, started a load of laundry and then brought out the Christmas tree and boxes of decorations.
After testing 600 lights, I discovered that only 100 of them worked anymore so I went down to the local Family Dollar and purchased 400 more lights, found the perfect door wreath and a couple of cute decorations and headed home.
While I was out, I went to grab my cell phone to call my room mate Rico, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I remembered that I had stuck it in my jeans pocket the night before when I was out doing something and I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I came home, looked around the house and then headed towards the back room, opened up the washing machine and located my phone in my jeans pocket, soaked and not working.
I took out the battery and left it open overnight to try and dry it out, hoping against hope that the beautiful pink Razr that Hilly from had given me would give me a Christmas miracle and work.
The next morning, I turned on the phone and it worked!!! It came on and although it had a bit of clouding on the screen, the graphics were fine. But the sim card wasn’t. It kept telling me to insert the sim card. I took it out, put it back in and nothing.
So, I headed down to the nearest AT&T (formerly Cingular) store to get a new sim card. When I arrived there, everyone was very nice and I explained what happened. They inserted a new sim card and nothing happened. Apparently, it wasn’t the sim card, but the phone itself. It was pronounced dead, by drowning, on Saturday afternoon.
It was time to get a new phone and I pretty much knew what I wanted, but I had no idea what it would cost or what it entailed. After 30-40 minutes, I walked out of the AT&T store, the happy new owner of the Blackberry Pearl Red. Thankfully it was on sale with a case and car charger included, but it still cost me over $240.00 which put a kink in the rest of my Christmas shopping over the weekend. Thank goodness that I am over 80% done with my shopping and only have about another $150 worth of things to buy.


Tara said...

I'm so envious that you're done with over 80% of your Christmas shopping. I haven't even started yet!

Churlita said...

Oooh. That's pretty. 80%,huh? You are way ahead of the game.

Anonymous said...

rip, little pink razr! hey, it saw two owners and two states, plus lived through my drunken soirees and whatever you did!

my sister has that same pearl phone and loves it!

Indiana said...

Cool new gadget...but am so jealous you have hit the 80% mark...I still need to start.

laura b. said...

I have accidentally drowned two phones. Your new one is beaut though.
And applause for being on the ball with the Xmas shopping. I am not.

mielikki said...

got you beat. Only 2 more purchases to make, both gift cards.
But, I do have envy over the sweet phone. Maybe I need to go do some laundry. . .