Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am back!!! I didn't die in a fiery plane crash, nor did I get stuck in the perma-gridlock that seems to define the Seattle-Tacoma area nowadays.

I was lucky to be able to see everyone that I wanted to see including my friend Lisa that I had lost touch with years ago. She is now happily married with a 1 year old daughter, MacKenzie. I wrote about our friendship a few months ago and am thrilled to get back in touch with her.

I also spent time with my friend Jade, who is pregnant with baby #5. Crazy, I know. I don't know how she does it and still works full time. The worst part is that her house is cleaner than mine and I only have one kid. We went and got our hair done while I was there. We went to Jade's stylist because I knew that if Jade trusted her I would have no problems. Jade is REALLY picky about her hair but we convinced her to cut about 10 inches off. It was down to the crack of her butt so even with 10 inches off, it was still below her bra. It looked incredible. Very Fergalicious.

I got to see my brother and my sister as well. My brother is doing fine and nothing has really changed with him but my sister is moving to Texas at the end of this month. She will be renting a lovely house and I hope that she finds a wonderful circle of friends down there. Having fantastic friends is the only thing that kept me sane when I moved so far away from home.

Visiting my dad, aunt and uncle was a lot of fun and for the first time, Devon, my dad and I had family portraits taken. We haven't gotten them back yet but as soon as I can, I will post them for your enjoyment.

My mom had a big BBQ while I was there and almost all of my step-brothers and sisters attended. The one that didn't show up is the one that no one wants to be around because she is a liar and a thief. Oh, and she wasn't invited.

It was really wonderful to see everyone and their masses of kids. One of my step-brothers has 14 kids. You would think that he is Catholic, but he isn't. It is a Yours, Mine & Ours situation but they seem to have blended their families fantastically.

I made sure to go to my Weight Watchers meetings while on vacation. The first week I lost 3.8 pounds but the next week I gained 2.6 pounds. I am sure that it had something to do with the BBQ pork ribs that I ate while visiting my brother. Yeah, that's right. Cause I wasn't bad at ANY other time.... heh heh.

The good news is that I weighed in last night and about fell off the scale. I lost a whopping 6.8 pounds in one week. That is my second largest loss in the 10 weeks that I have been on the program. I am down 21.2 pounds total. I am almost to my first 10% goal which is a loss of 28 pounds. I want to lose a total of approximately 140 pounds so I am already 1/6 on the way to my total goal.

My clothes still fit fine. They actually fit now rather than being a bit tight. I was starting to grow out of the clothing that I was wearing but refused to buy a larger size. Now, they are starting to get a smidge loose even. Not that I am minding in the least bit.

I did miss everyone while I was gone but am still having a hard time getting to the blogs and commenting. Life seem so busy right now. But I still think of everyone and do check in every so often.

Love you all!!!!


laura b. said...

Welcome back, Rachel. Your vacation sounds wonderful and you are doing an awesome job working the Weight Watchers!
It will be fun to see your family portraits.

laughingattheslut said...

Where in Texas is your sister moving and is she a Trekkie?

David in DC said...

Welcome back!!!!!

I look forward to stories from the road. It sounds like a great vacation for you and Devon

Anonymous said...

liar and a thief?

mielikki said...

Welcome back to the blogsphere. It sounds like you had some fun.

Indiana said...

Sound like a great trip and a bonus with the weight thing as well.


Lydia said...

Good to see you back, Rachel!

It sounds like you had a great time and very cool that you got to see Lisa. I remember you writing about her.

And still excellent progress with the weight loss. Good for you!

Rachel said...

Laura b. ~ Thanks. I look forward to posting the photos.

Laughing ~ She is moving to San Antonio and I don't think that she is a Trekkie... sorry.

David in DC ~ I will have some stories for you all.

Anon ~ My oldest step-sister Kathleen is a liar and a thief. When her mother passed away she had left me some things and Kathleen came in and stole them from me and then lied about.

Mielikki ~ Thanks, it was a lot of fun but I was glad to be back.

Indiana ~ Thanks. We had a blast and the weight loss thing is going really well.

Lydia ~ I was very happy to see Lisa. It was like no time had passed at all.

Moonbeam said...

Welcome back, glad you had a good trip.

Tara said...

I'm so glad that you had a great time! And congrats on the Weight Watchers progress, too!

My brother and his family are in the process of moving back to Houston, Texas. They were the ones we visited in Canada. My sister-in-law and my nephew flew back and my brother drove back.